Right of cancellation

What does the eight-day cooling-off period mean?

The order process in our online boutique is completed by clicking the ‘ORDER NOW’ button. When you do this, you send us a binding order and we then begin to custom-make your items. However, we allow you eight days from when you send your order to change your mind. You can cancel your order without giving any reasons before the end of this period. You will no longer be bound by your order and we will refund the price you paid.

How can I cancel my order?

You can cancel your order by writing to us: 
  • by email to: webshop@meisterschmuck.ch 
  • by post to: Meister & Co. AG, Hauptstrasse 66, 8832 Wollerau (Switzerland) 
Please include the following points in your message: 
  • an unequivocal statement to the effect of ‘I herewith cancel the following order’ 
  • order date 
  • order number
  • if appropriate, a description of the good(s) if you do not wish to cancel the entire order
  • your full name (first name and surname)
  • your full address (street, post code, city)
  • Place and date 
The easiest way is to include the email confirmation you received from us. 
Also, please make sure you adhere to the eight-day cooling-off period. This deadline is deemed to have been respected if we receive your notification no later than the eighth day after the date on which the order was placed. 
If you do not comply with the above conditions, we cannot cancel your order.

What are the consequences of cancelling?

Provided you send us your cancellation within eight days with all the required details, you will no longer be bound by your order. We will refund the price you paid within 14 days of receiving your cancellation notice.
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