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titanium / yellowgold

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The coin-size compass. Titanium with gold in a limited edition. Worn as a pendant with a natural rubber strap or as an objet d'art on a granite plinth.

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Your personal message engraved in the rings in high precision: MEISTER is the unsurpassed master of this art. Be it a fingerprint or lines of your partner’s hand, a signature and date in your own handwriting, a love poem in miniature or simply your names and the date in cursive or block letters… there's no end to the creative possibilities. State-of-the-art laser technology immortalises your personal love story intimately and exactly as you want it, however unusual your wishes may be.


Our promise to you

Icon Design


Love and life as a source of inspiration: our innovative design team has won many awards for the exceptional jewellery and ring collections they create from the most exquisite materials. Each piece of jewellery becomes a messenger of great feelings and timeless aesthetics.
Icon Excellence


The “M” engraved in every piece of jewellery and in every ring is the guarantor of supreme material quality and outstanding workmanship – an aspiration that ensures MEISTER jewellery and rings remain precious items of enduring value.
Icon Crafted by hand

Crafted by hand

In the MEISTER Manufactory, every piece of jewellery and every ring is individually and painstakingly crafted by hand for our customers. This leads to the creation of unique jewellery and rings that embody the uniqueness and wishes of our customers.
Icon Raw materials

Raw materials

The certified precious-metal alloys, specially developed for MEISTER, are nickel-free. MEISTER wedding rings are, without exception, all made from forged alloys of the highest hardness. All diamonds originate from conflict-free sources and are examined for their quality in our in-house diamond lab.
Icon Passion


MEISTER is driven by an uncompromising quality mindset – a passion expressed by every piece of jewellery and every ring we produce. A passion that is upheld by our goldsmiths and platinum smiths, jewel setters, gemmologists, polishers and technicians.
Icon Tradition


Founded in Zurich in 1897, the wedding ring and jewellery manufactory is a market leader in European. Now in the third generation, this family-owned and managed company creates and manufactures jewellery and ring collections that are a peerless fusion of innovation and tradition.


At the MEISTER Manufactories in Switzerland and Germany, traditional craftsmanship blends harmoniously with high-tech innovation. Step by step, fascinating ring and jewellery collections are created here, with “Made in Switzerland” and “Made in Germany” as a designation of supreme quality. The carbon-neutral energy concept testifies to the sustainable use of natural resources that are just as precious to MEISTER as the costly materials used in the unique collections.


Jewellery services

  • Setting inspection
  • Resetting
  • Surface restoration
  • Resizing

Everlasting lasts longest… For a jewellery experience that never ends, MEISTER will continue to provide a full range of service. Whether it’s checking the diamond setting, resetting diamonds, restoring the finish or resizing rings – our experts are there for you, for the name MEISTER is a promise: “A Commitment for Life”.
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