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The slogan “A Commitment for Life” aptly conveys what MEISTER, the jewellery manufacturer, associates with love: finding each other, being there for each other, fully absorbed in each other – a commitment to last a lifetime. Custom-crafted engagement/proposal rings symbolise the beginning of a deep bond. A single sparkling diamond in the form of a solitaire ring is a constant reminder of this promise. But more than that: engagement rings by MEISTER actually gain in significance after the wedding. Because engagement rings are designed to perfectly complement the wedding ring, when worn on the same finger they form a perfect twosome that is utterly comfortable to wear. As can be expected, given that every MEISTER ring is individually crafted for the couple by qualified specialists in the Swiss family-run business using the best quality materials and workmanship. The high value of the diamonds is likewise guaranteed before being set: the costly precious stones are selected in the in-house diamond lab and graded by GIA-certified diamond experts. Incidentally: all MEISTER rings can be unequivocally identified by the “M” on the inside of the ring – the hallmark stands for authenticity and supreme “Made in Switzerland and Made in Germany” craftsmanship.

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