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As the foremost address for high-precision engravings, MEISTER is the unsurpassed master in the art of personalised messages. Secrets, stories or love symbols can be recorded as a perpetual memory on the inside of the rings – either in the person’s handwriting or using block letters or cursive script. A miniature text or a fingerprint can even be engraved or the hand lines immortalized, so that in a sense you always have your partner with you, intimately close and “hand-in-hand”.


“Write” your feelings in the rings directly in your own handwriting.



Feel your partner’s fingerprint in your ring as a token of love.

Love story

Personalise your rings with a poem or a love story in miniature.


Hand lines

Let yourself be caressed by the lines of your partner’s hand, from the life line to the Apollo line.

Cursive or block letters

Have your name and wedding date engraved in cursive or block letters.



Das gemeinsame Herz – mit Ihrem Fingerabdruck und dem Ihres Partners.

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